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Cassia Oil

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Cassia essential oil is somewhat similar to Cinnamon essential oil, hence why the photo above looks like cinnamon.

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Cassia essential oil is somewhat similar to?Cinnamon essential oil, hence why the photo above looks like cinnamon. Both are from the same botanical family Lauraceae and both are derived from the bark of the plant. But they are actually from two different plants. Cassia is from?Cinnamomum cassia, while cinnamon is?Cinnamomum zeylanicum. It’s a spicy, warm aroma, but sweeter than cinnamon..

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Packing Size

12 GM Sample Pack, 1 KG, 5 KG, 10 KG, 25 KG


  •  Treats Diarrhea
  •  Improves Circulation
  •  Relieves Menstrual Symptoms.
  •  Relieves Arthritis
  •  Antidepressant
  •  Boosts Immune System
  •  Fights Bacteria
  • Works as an Astringent
  • Natural Bug Repellant
  •  Treats Diabetes

Purchase Note

  • All products are strictly for external use. unless until specifically reconfirmed
  • Please refer precautions of using essential oil always before using it directly or indirectly
  • All benefits shown are suggested not to be claimed
  • Color of the product and packing may vary from lot to lot and time to time. so kindly consider the same before buying
  • The product are mostly delivery all over world, but in case if the location is ODA we would be helpless in delivering, so in these case we will refund the paid amount
  • Goods are subject to availability at the time of payment received,
  • If any order is in shortfall conditions, balance of your amount will be refunded or credited to your account,
  • Replacement Policy or refund Policy is strictly within 7 days of receipt of goods
  • Lead Time: Most of the cases the order is dispatched on the next working day, but in some cases the order can get a delay until 7 days .. so request to note the above.


  • Courier -Shree Anjani Courier, DTDC, Professional Courier, Blue Dart, Fedex, DHL
  • Air -Through all reputed airlines
  • Sea-In LCL and shipments surf
  • Surface – TCI Express, V trans, VRL Logistics, Gati, V-Tans, Fedex, CPS and all major transporters


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